Krischelle Joseph

Krischelle Joseph

Former Research Assistant

UNESCO-Chair in Arts and Culture in Education
Kulturwerkstatt Auf AEG


Krischelle Joseph formerly worked as the research analyst for the UNESCO Chair in Arts and Culture in Education at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany). She has a MA in Digital Media, Culture & Education from one of the leading universities in the UK, University College London, where she is currently working towards her PhD in Culture, Communication, and Media. Krischelle is multilingual as well as has a background in education, preforming arts, and event coordination.

Duties at the UNESCO Chair:
  • Responsible for cooperation with the UNITWIN Network
  • Editing and revision of texts
  • Representative (along with Chairholder or in place of) at international conferences
  • Research pertaining to the Chair’s events, participating texts, projects, etc.